Vukasin Nedeljkovic holds a Masters in Visual Arts Practice from the Dunlaoghaire Institute of Arts, Design and Technology. He is a PhD candidate at Dublin Institute of Technology. He exhibited both nationally and internationally. His recent contributions include Reiterating Asylum Archive: documenting direct provision in Ireland, 2018 and Asylum Archive: an Archive of Asylum and Direct Provision in Ireland, 2016, 2017. He was awarded recently an Arts and Activism bursary from the Arts Council.

Vukasin Nedeljkovic initiated the multidisciplinary project Asylum ArchiveAsylum Archive is a platform open for dialogue and discussion inclusive to individuals who have experienced a sense of sociological/geographical ‘displacement’, social trauma and violence. It is an act of solidarity to bring a different perspective on the life of people who came to Ireland seeking protection.
Asylum Archive’s objective is to collaborate with asylum seekers, artists, academics and activists, amongst others, with a view to creating an interactive documentary cross-platform on-line resource, critically foregrounding accounts of exile, displacement, trauma and memory.

His recent book Asylum Archive, a unique and essential publication in making the reality of Ireland’s Direct Provision system public, can be accessed here.